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If there was no struggle, then there will be no life?

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 in response to HelpGiveUSHope...   

I agree, there is a great need for non-profit foundations for those "In Need"....which is the foundation I eventually would like to get off the ground.  And I've been working since early 07 myself to get such a foundation going through my website Resourcefully For You, but unfortunately & sadly there just  hasn't been any funds and/or donations to enable me to get such a foundation off the ground, let alone sustain it.  It's taken me two years of constant work, upgrading, advertising & promoting Resourcefully For You just to get it to where it is today. 

So if anyone has any significant ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear them because it really is tough these days to try and offer such services or start a truly needed foundation for several reasons, one being that there are so so....many scams & scammers out there who don't really care deep down, so people  aren't willing to donate unless a foundation is led by an already established significant & well-known trustworthly person.  It's like you've seen one foundation, charity or program asking for donations &'ve seen them all...on to the next.  And unfortunately, for those who want to truly want to help, while also make a living just makes it very difficult.

I wish you luck in getting your foundation off the ground, and if you become successful, I hope you will share your strategies, as there is definately the need for more foundations that will truly help those in dire need.  Currently, the only foundations I'm aware of that help such in need ...small loans, etc. is "Modest Needs" and one other that I know of, but they have soooo many applicants they approve very few where near what is needed.

Sorry for the long post, it seems once I get started writing, I always have much to say...sometimes to much.  I apologize.  I just wish there was so much more than I could never feels like it's enough, especially when I come to Aidpage and read on a daily basis all the extraordinary needs of others. :( 

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 in response to helpinways...   

We have not been successful with aidpage for fund contributions. We are begining to market through direct marketing.

Are you a source of help, or someone in need?


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is hard to ask for help.Thank you for your post.It is good to know that people understand and care even if all people can not help in a monetory way.There are so many people in need all over it must be very hard to prioritize and it is even harder when one needs help themselves to the point where they can not give to others.Good Cheer and I hope we all get the help we need real soon.

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 in response to HelpGiveUSHope...   

Please tell us if you are able to raise funds through Aidpage.

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Your right. this is what me to organize a non-for-profit foundation. please visit my blog site to learn more about or website (in progress).

Help Give US Hope is based on the foundation of our new President, Obama. He tells us to HOPE, and with comes CHANGE. But, I will not sit down and watch the world go round, without jumping in to Help Give US Hope.

We can not wait, and see what someone will do. We need to look for help, and ask.

I Hope, my organization will have funds by mid April, so that all in need can log on and requst help. In the mean time, we are looking for donations; government grants, business sponsorships and donars; and individuals or families with enough to help others.


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This is so true.... I didn't want to ask people for help. I went as close as my family but they don't want to help me. It's hard... but I believe when no one else is around you still have God, just have faith.... I try too.
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I just read some of your posts and I had to only imagine what it's like to battle addiction.  I've met a lot of people and I understand.

This is what I suggest.  Put this AidPage as your home page.  Anytime, you want to get a drink, donate the amount of money you would have spent on a drink.  That donation will go toward helping someone who will use that money for groceries, gas, childcare and health care or something else.

Also, you are not only trying to break the addiction for yourself.  It is also for your teenager.  When you start paying attention to your daughter, you will find that it is not too late to be a better role model.

I think you are a good person.  Be that good person to your daughter.  She will benefit from it.  Make this next moment your new moment and a step toward a newer and better you.

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 in response to helpinways...   

That's exactly how I feel. I get gratitude by helping other as much as I can at this moment thank you


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 in response to Gary25...   

Gary25, I felt so overwhelmed today.  Coming back to this site helps because I see other people suffering.  When I concentrate on helping someone else, I am also helping myself. 

I think if we can't see or figure a way out, no one else can.  And if someone tries to help, we are helping that person help us by trying to help ourselves first.  Keep on trying.

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Thank you,

There is one thing I've learned is you won't get the help you need if you don't try to help yourself.It is very humbleing to start a new life free and clear of pain, abuse ,health problems but asking for help is something I couldn't do unless I was trying myself. thank you again for an uplifting post 

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